Lifeguard - Programmer
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Seasonal, Full-Time
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Pigeon Lake, Alberta
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Lifeguard – Programmer

As part of the summer staff, programmers will be responsible for the planning and organization of daily programs in the areas of sports, crafts, outdoor education, canoeing, archery, and spirits. These programs will usually be led by the programmers, however, certain programs may be designated as counsellor-led. The programmers will also work alongside other staff members in the planning and facilitation of general camp activities. Program responsibilities will be assigned at the time of hiring and be consistent with the strengths and experiences of applicants. 


Responsible to: The Director

Wage: $600/week 

Security Level: High

Duration: Orientation Weekend: May 10 – 12, 2024

                  4:30 PM, June 23, 2024 – August 30, 2024



  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have experience programming for youth
  • Current National Lifesaving Society (NLS) and Aquatic Emergency Care (AEC) certification
  • Must be a competent canoeist
  • Related education or experience working with young people
  • Experience living away from home, or in a communal setting would be an asset


Programmer Responsibilities:

  • Create a weekly schedule outlining all activities and events to be given to counsellors upon arrival 
  • Plan small group and camp wide activities for program areas: sports, crafts, outdoor education, canoeing, archery, and spirits. All programs must have plans written ahead of time for submission to the director. 
  • Ensure safety procedures are followed for all programs
  • Ensure that proper materials are setup for activities 
  • Ensure materials are properly cleaned and stored following activities
  • Ensure that proper procedures are followed for archery and canoeing
  • Purchase materials relevant to the staff member’s program area 
  • Act as a resource staff for counsellors 


Lifeguard Responsibilities

  • Maintain a safe waterfront environment. This includes removing debris or waste from the lake; ensuring that an appropriate sized swimming area is clearly delineated with a buoy line and “No Boat” signs; and securing the beach with a rope and “lifeguard not on duty” signs when the waterfront is not in use 
  • Work with programmers to ensure that all canoes, paddles, lifejackets and other waterfront equipment is kept in excellent condition and properly stored
  • Explain the waterfront rules prior to each water related activity. 
  • Use appropriate lifeguarding techniques to ensure swimmer or canoeist safety. This includes maintaining the NLS prescribed ratio of 1:40.
  • Be aware of the swimming ability of each person involved in waterfront activities prior to any waterfront activities.  
  • Understand emergency waterfront procedures. This includes proper maintenance and storage of a spine board and first aid kit (assembled in conjunction with the nurse). In the event of an actual emergency, the lifeguard will be responsible for filling out a “waterfront emergency form.”
  • Work with the director to ensure that practice drills are performed routinely (at least 3 times a summer) and documented. At these practice drills, the lifeguards will ensure that each staff member understands their role during a water safety emergency. 
  • Make final decision to proceed with canoeing, swimming, or water activities based on weather


Note: Some planning work must take place prior to the commencement of Camp. This may include attending meetings, preparing program plans, and purchasing program supplies.


Qualifications for All Camp Maskepetoon Summer Staff

The ideal candidate for all positions will:

  • Understand the purpose and philosophy of Camp Maskepetoon
  • Have experience in planning and implementing programs for youth
  • Possess excellent communication, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Have an interest and enthusiasm for camp experiences
  • Have an understanding of United Church Theology (this will be covered in training)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and keen interest in, working with youth
  • Be able to work and live closely and effectively with other staff members
  • Have the emotional stability to place campers’ needs before personal desires
  • Be in good health and physical condition with the stamina needed to work long days
  • Possess a Standard First Aid (SFA with CPR Level C) certificate or equivalent
  • Obtain a satisfactory police information check with vulnerable sector search 
  • Be able to fulfill all responsibilities as outlined below
  • Be willing to adhere to and model all health and safety protocols


Responsibilities of All Camp Maskepetoon Summer Staff

All members of staff will have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend training sessions and planning meetings prior to camp
  • Live communally, on-site, for periods of seven to ten days
  • Conduct oneself at all times in a manner that is both professional and consistent with the philosophy of camp as set out by Camp Maskepetoon, the guidelines of The United Church Camping Standards manual, and the guidelines of the Alberta Camping Association (ACA)
  • Act as a role model for campers, volunteers, and other staff
  • Develop and implement inclusive programs that are age and time appropriate and designed with specific goals of skill acquisition relevant to the program area
  • Contribute to the planning and implementation of all daily and special camp activities. Participation is required in all camp activities.
  • Supervise daily skippers (chores around camp). It is ultimately the responsibility of the staff member to ensure that all jobs are completed in a timely and efficient manner
  • Demonstrate a positive enthusiastic attitude and to encourage enthusiasm in campers and volunteers
  • Maintain a high level of communication and develop an excellent rapport with the camp director, other staff, and volunteers
  • Participate in camp set-up and end of season clean-up
  • Be familiar with all emergency procedures 
  • Help maintain order during all camp activities
  • Work with all staff to ensure the camp is kept clean and in good order
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the camp director
  • Ensure all equipment and supplies are prepared for activities and properly cleaned and stored at the conclusion of the activities or day
  • Submit a camp summary report to the board of directors by the required deadline. This report will include: An inventory of program supplies and equipment; program specific comments – what worked, what didn’t; and suggestions for next year
  • Arrive on camp at least two hours prior to the arrival of the buses or at a time established by the director. Staff may periodically be assigned to accompany campers on the bus to or from Camp.
  • Read and understand the Camp Maskepetoon Summer Policy Manual and position-specific manual


All summer staff members are ultimately accountable to the Camp Maskepetoon Board of Directors. The director is responsible for all on-site camp staff.

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